Clitoral Mass Promotes Womxn Solidarity

Prayer to the South - Members of the Ovarian Psycos say a traditional prayer asking safety for all

Prayer to the South – Members of the Ovarian Psycos say a traditional prayer asking safety for all

By Amanda Mayberry

Womxn, gender non-conforming, two spirited, queer, cisgender, and trans womxn from all over Los Angeles shared their voice at this year’s fourth annual Clitoral Mass.

With the help of volunteers and the brave members of the Ovarian Psyco Cycles, the Clitoral Mass bike ride rode through the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday August 1st for over 30 miles.

The riders garnered plenty of support from pedestrians and motorists though, there was a bit of hostility. Regardless the cyclists remained unphased and only laughed or disregarded hostile honking.

Hosted and coordinated by the Ovarian Psycos, the bike ride had a turn out of over 300 participants.

The voices of hundreds of womxn of color echoed with strength through the streets of LA from early afternoon into late night hours.

Sharing messages of anti-gentrification and pro-education the Clitoral Mass bike ride has been successful in promoting solidarity amongst womxn of color.

Rider Edxie Betts, has been attending Clitoral Mass for the past three years. She says this is her second time riding.

Riding Out

Riding Out – Cyclists holding for a red light on Broadway in Chinatown.

“Showing femme solidarity is important because all femininity is under attack of white male domination,” says Betts.

The bike ride began at Placita Olvera, across the street from Union Station. The cyclists rode a little over 30 miles through Downtown LA, Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights and back down to Downtown LA to the original starting point.

Along the bike route were several planned stops including a water park and various spoken word performances performed by local collectives. Participants of Clitoral Mass included Los Angeles Rooted, a community youth group advocating bike safety awareness.

Brenda Yancor has been a LAR coordinator for two years.

“Aside from just participating in Clitoral Mass we’re also here supporting and facilitating for the children of LAR to come out and have this experience,” says Rancor.

Cooling Off - Women cyclists cooling of at the Rio de Los Angeles water park

Cooling Off – Women cyclists cooling of at the Rio de Los Angeles water park

The second stop along the route included entertainment in the form of a spoken word poem by the North East Los Angeles Alliance and presentations by two of the youth participants in LAR.

Presenters from LAR advocated for bike safety while the NELA Alliance spoke out against gentrification.

The owners of Todo Verde also showed their support, donating smoothies and aguas frescas to tired and sweaty riders.

By the end of the bike ride numbers dwindled but the feeling of empowerment and solidarity held strong.

About the Writer: AMANDA MAYBERRY

Amanda Mayberry is a Black Xicana woman born and raised in East Los Angeles. In 2013 she received my Associate of Arts in journalism from East Los Angeles College. Currently she resides in Long Beach where she attends Cal State Long Beach working towards my Bachelor’s in journalism. Writing is her passion: she is a journalist and poet performing by stage name La Blaxicana. Through her writing, poetry and performance she finds healing, empowerment and strength in her identity as a woman of color. Amanda is the current Media and PR Intern for MdM.


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